Damrak Cocktail Walk Amsterdam Saturday 02 April 2022

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Saturday 02 April (17:00 - 24:00)

🍸Let WOGO plan your sunny April weekend. Visit three of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam and have a guaranteed fun day out with your partner, date or friends! Together with Damrak, we have created a DAM premium Cocktail Walk edition featuring fancy bars, (hopefully) sunny weather and Amsterdam's finest premium gin.

✨ In every bar, you will enjoy unique crafted cocktails. And don't worry about having a gin & tonic at every bar; WOGO will show you how fantastic different gin cocktails can be! 

🍊 Damrak is like a true Amsterdammer: proud yet accessible, clever yet genuine, edgy yet deep-down smooth and, above all, charming. Damrak's Gin contains 17 typical notes, including orange, cinnamon, anise, juniper, lavender and even a hint of angelica. So, where other gins often taste more spicy or bitter, Damrak has a fresher taste profile with clear citrus notes. DAM perfect for a sunny afternoon in the city! 

Check out their brand page for more info about Damrak.


What you can expect

🍸 Premium bars that serve unique Damrak Gin Cocktails;
📜 A Cocktail Date Night map, which includes:
  • The walking route and locations of the three bars you will visit;
  • Questions to get to know your date (better);
  • Menu of the cocktails you can choose from in each bar which has a special WOGO price (2 cocktails with Damrak Gin and 1 non-alcoholic cocktail)
🪑 It can get busy and really gezellig! So, have a seat in the bars when you can!

    How it works

    Order tickets for you and your friends to participate in the Cocktail Walk. You can choose from the following two options:

    🎟️ Single Ticket:

    • Participation in the Cocktail Walk;
    • WOGO discounts on your cocktails;
    • Your name will be on the list at the bars. Just mention your name to the bartender to receive the WOGO prices when ordering your cocktails.

    🎟️🍸🍸🍸 All-Inclusive Package:

    • Participation in the Cocktail Walk;
    • Almost free participation;
    • 3 cocktails are included in this ticket (1 cocktail at each bar);
    • Your name will be on the list at the bars. Just mention your name to the bartender to easily collect your drinks, as you do not have to pay anymore.

    Order your ticket(s) now, and make sure to book a ticket for each person in your group (1 person can book multiple tickets for the whole group) to get the exclusive drinks for everyone!