Get That Sunset Vibe With Passoã!

Picture this; it's Friday again, and you come home from a hard day's work. You're meeting up with your friends to chill out in an hour, but you don't have anything in the house! What are you going to do? You decide to do some quick shopping. You walk towards the shops, and then the sunny afternoon light reflects on the liquor store window. You look inside, and there it is, that cheerful black-and-yellow bottle with the sunset. That will make anything taste good!


Passoã is the world's best passion fruit liqueur and perhaps best known for the Pornstar Martini. Love it or hate it, the Pornstar Martini is a modern classic. In fact, it's one of the country's most ordered cocktails even two decades after its creation. Passoã was born thanks to a trip to Brazil by a Cointreau distiller, where the idea of using passion fruits for a new liqueur was born.

Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini is a martini in name only. It's made with vanilla-flavoured vodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, vanilla sugar, and passion fruit puree that gives the drink its decadent texture. Once mixed, it's garnished with half a passion fruit and served with a sidecar of Champagne for a unique presentation.

Other ideas

Easy cocktail ideas for easy-going moments with your friends where it is possible to improvise with what you have! Passoã can be used for a nice picnic by the water, TV night, date night, when you just got back from holiday, as a start of the Saturday night, after work, girls' night, Sunday BBQ, or as a relaxing drink on the beach; everything is possible!

Did you know that there are also variants of the original Passoã in the flavours coconut, pineapple and mango? You should try those too! You can find your bottle of Passoã almost at every liquor store.